Exotic Vacation to Kuantan, Malaysia‏ with Firefly (Day 3)

It's day 3 at Kuantan!!!
We woke up and went for our Breakfast at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa.
Breakfast was really good here! =')

Wooo... Huge tree spotted at the town of Sungai Lembing!

That is the British pillar mailbox of Sg. Lembing, one of a very few left in Malaysia now.

The whole town is full of places and scene like this and I couldn't help taking out my camera and ask my friend, Yuhao to help me snap some photo!!!

I like the old wooden fencing!!!

Short houses like this are rare to see in Singapore nowaday....

This bench looked so beautiful right!!!! Only if the sky was more blue....

Not too sure what this is but thought of taking this photo and maybe some of you here will know what this is and tell me... =)
Yes, we also went to the Museum about the mining history.

Over here, you get to see a great view of the hill.

At the museum, you also get to see this model of how is it like at the mining site last time.

The whole model looked very detailed and I can imagine how is it like being a mine worker underground is really not an easy job.

Camwhoring with Yuhao!!!

Woo... We crossed the 100 year-old 'suspending bridge at Sugai Lembing!!!

The river looked like "Teh Tarik" river tight?

Shine, Yuhao and me taking a photo on the bridge!!!

Yuhao on the bridge!

The tour guide brought us to buy this nice coconut cookies!
It is one of the famous must try food you have to try when you visit Sugail Lembing!!!
Eat them with hot coffee!!!

Time for Lunch!!!!

Cereal Prawn!!!

Fried Toufu in thai sauce.

Curry Veggies!

Stir-fry Kailan

Roasted Chicken

After lunch we went for the Kuantan River Cruise!!!!

Love the wind and sight seeing!!!

Some shot taken using my Casio Exilim ZR1000, HDR Art Mode.

Camwhoring using my Casio Exilim ZR1000!

A group photo with the bloggers who went for this trip with me!!!

With our tour guides!

This is the Sultan Ahmad Shah State Mosque is Pahang's state mosque. It is located in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia. It was constructed between 1991 and 1993 by DZJ Architect and Associates.

The tour guide was so nice, he asked the driver to drive us to a beach  nearby.
It was so beautiful right!!!

Shots were  taken using my Casio Exilim ZR1000, HDR Art Mode.

Yuhao was just too tired after travelling the whoe day.

We reached our next designation- The Turtle Sanctuary!

A model showing how the baby turtles climb out from the nest.

The baby turtles were so CUTE right!
One day they will be released to the Sea and I guess they are all waiting for that adventurous day to come...


With that, we actually ended our day 3 of our Kuantan Trip!
Stay tuned for my next post for my last day at Kuantan where me and my friends woke up early for Sunrise photography and also visit to the local preserved seafood outlet at Sin Kee Hung before heading back to Singapore!!! <3 p="p">