My New Year Eve Celebration with my BBF at Nando's!!!

31 Dec 2012- The last day of 2012!!!!
How did you spend or celebrate on this special day?

New Year Eve, to me is a day to value my friends and family!
Well it is also a day to look back at the 364 days to see what you have done and what you can improve on for the new year. New year new beginning for everyone!
Let's try to forget what ever unhappiness in 2012 and move on in 2013!
Gonna do better in 2013 everyone aright!!!
 More time for friends and family in 2013!
More healthy diet and body!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

So on 31 Dec 2012, I had a NYE Lunch Party with my
BBF (Best Blogger Friends) at Nando's Bugis!!!

We ordered a Diversity Platter to share together!
Something are just good to share!!!
Especially when it comes to the delicious Nando's chicken!!! =)

We couldn't help it but digging in our meal!!!

Nando's Chicken always tasted so GOOD!!!!

Noticed the thing on our heads?
It is actually from the Party Pack we got when we ordered the Diversity Platter!!!

This were what we got from the Party Pack!!!
So CUTE!!!

That's Hp, Terence and Shuqing!!!
They looked like "Three Little Chick" right?

Terence you looked like a small boy in this photo!!!

Terence, Shuqing and Andrew

Party without a toss is not a party!!!
And lucky we had BOTTOMLESS drinks!!! Because we ordered the Diversity Platter and comes with Bottomless drinks (FREE FLOW)!!!

We ended our meal with sweet dessert!!!
Indulge in Nando's Lighten Up Chocolate Cake! 
Chocolate lovers will love this!!!

Jessie, I love Nando's Peri-Peri Sauce but you don't have to pour them down my throat like this....


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