Download this cool app to see what's happening around you!

Hey everyone,
Have you all heard of this app that allow you to see what's happing around you?
You can find out for example a live band performing at a local  bar...
Some good food at the hawker centre near you...
Something funny happening near you...

Wouldn't you be interested to find out?

Yes, Feecha is a mobile app made in Singapore and it is a neighbourhood news app to gossip about what's happening around you.

Free on iPhone and Android! Version 1 for Feecha launched last year to 50,000 readers in Singapore and Malaysia; they are now launching a Version 2 that is faster, bigger and better.

It's a place for friends and neighbours to gather. A place where we can tell each other useful things about our neighbourhood, fun things to see and do and interesting things to discuss. It's a place where everyone can know your...your avatar. =)

Each feecha is a piece of news.

The bigger the feecha, the more popular; unpopular feechas get smaller over time
o The map shows only the biggest feechas. Zooming out to all of Singapore, for example, will show only the top stories for all of Singapore.

Use Activity view to browse through smaller feechas that aren’t popular enough to make the map. If you see a good one, heart it so it can grow bigger

What others said about this cool app:

"The concept is simple: Users post comments or photos of anything they find interesting, which appears on a map as a feecha - a speech bubble-shaped cartoon creature."

"The potential uses for Feecha are vast - from foodies sharing pictures of delicious food at a particular restaurant to shoppers alerting others of a great sale at a shopping mall."


"The potential is undeniable. Ever wondered what's happening within those quainty shop houses as you amble down Ann Siang Hill?"

"The idea to bring the kampung spirit to a digital platform came to them in a bar."

"I must say that Feecha has a beautiful interface and I'm having fun exploring it. Kudos to the team for thinking out of the box."

"An amazing Singaporean app." 5 out of 5 stars.

While you are exploring and using Feecha, 
you stand to WIN PRIZES too!!!
Start hunting!!!!
Feecha Treasure Hunt

How to play this:
Open the app every time you are in a new area to play the Treasure Hunt. If you’re lucky, you might win a prize! There are tablets, wireless headphones, speakers, gift certificates, t-shirts, caps and tote bags to be won. Check out for more details.

Feecha is free for iPhone and Android; download from

This app have really cute and nice interface!  I feel like I'm playing a game!

If you follow an animal, that animal will bring you feechas from its neighbourhood; this may be useful if you want to always know what’s happening in a certain area

Explore around, see what is happening around you!

Dig dig dig... You might find a TREASURE!!!

Start FEECHA-ing and have fun!!!
I love surprises!!!

Well, you might be the next WINNER too!!!

Start having fun with this cool app Feecha!!! 
Download the app at