MAD is the next step in the evolution of the dining experience.

 Woo... Recently I visited MAD Restaurant, at The Grandstand, Turf City with my bloggers friends!
Yes just few months back, TungLok Group had opened doors to their newest restaurant, MAD.

So MAD means Modern Asian Diner!
That's popular blogger, Sheena by the way.
Check out her blog here

MAD, inspired by the alter ego of Singapore’s much celebrated performer, composer and playwright, Dick Lee, stands for ‘Modern Asian Diner’, and puts a new spin on the concept of dining.  Led by TungLok Group, Bar Stories and Dick Lee, MAD is a five-way collaboration between top reputable Singaporean success stories. By introducing many different elements of food, beverage and retail in one place, MAD is a home-grown artisan dining experience that pieces together a jigsaw of the finest that Singapore has to offer and cannot be found anywhere else.

The split-levelled MAD features a bar, manned by famed mixologist Kino from Bar Stories; a charcoal-powered Josper Oven to enhance the flavour profile of meats and seafood; a specially fitted and designed Omakase-style tapas counter; and a wine cellar and tasting room by Top Wines, which boasts one of the most extensive wine lists in Singapore; and a bakery and bread boutique by Bakerzin which will serve freshly baked artisan breads.

Bringing the best of the West and East together, customers at MAD will also see a return of the classic dim sum trolleys – something that has disappeared from most dim sum restaurants in Singapore. Completing the atmosphere of nostalgia and modernity, MAD also features a curated retail gallery that displays and sells uniquely designed MAD merchandise and original creations by up-and-coming local talents. With only one of each item, every creation is a rare masterpiece on its own.

“MAD is a bakery, café and dim sum place in the day, and then a restaurant and cocktail bar at night. It has something for everyone and will never stop reinventing itself, whether in terms of food, beverages, style and ambience,” said Mr. Dick Lee.

Food is not the only thing that has been brought up-to-date in MAD - the service has also been given an innovative touch, in line with the vision to modernise the landscape of Asian cuisine. With a new iPad menu and ordering system, diners can easily browse through the menu and place orders without having to flag for service.

They served great cocktails! You can tell Sheena enjoying her cocktail!
This should try their cocktail seriously!

 This cocktail caught most of our ATTENTION!!!
This is so CUTE right!
Got a ducking swimming inside!

 Their Chee Chong Fun was really nice! 
 I like the texture and the sauce.

 Deep-fried Beef Spring Roll
Crispy and unique!!!
Looked like a long cigar right! =)

 Deep-fried Raddish and Ham Pastry
This feel like a western and Asian combination.

 Teriyaki-glazed Mushrooms with Cuttlefish Tagliatelle
Tasted really unique!
I'm a very mushroom person and this is yummy!!!

Grilled Green Asparagus with Satay Sauce and Port Reduction
I just love asparagus!
Crunchy and loved it grilled!

 MAD Baby Ribs with Homemade Barbeque Sauce
Woo... This one is a MUST TRY!!!
Tender juicy meat!

Foie Gras Terrine

You can actually spread the Foie Gras on the bread and eat together!

Potato Bravas Alio-oli Garlic Sauce
Looked like some fried toufu..
But it is not, it is actually potato.

Time for the dessert!
We had this  Rum and Banana Tatin with Vanilla Ice-cream

and delicious Macarons!

We loved MAD!
This is sure a great place to chill out with friends over great food and drinks!!!

Hongpeng, we sure know you can drink well!

Check out Hongpeng's blog post for MAD:

Thanks MAD for inviting me once again!

About MAD Restaurant 
MAD represents the Modern Asian Diner, inspired by the alter ego of Singapore’s foremost musical mastermind – Dick Lee. MAD is the quirky, multi-faceted and wickedly fresh dining concept which is the result of the diverse collaboration between TungLok Group, Dick Lee and Bar Stories with two other wholesomely Singaporean success stories –Bakerzin and Top Wines. Equipped with a wine cellar and tasting room, a bakery and bread boutique, a bar and a charcoal-powered Josper Oven, MAD serves a versatile mix of Asian and Western cuisine, adventurous cocktails, artisan breads and desserts, and exclusive wines, which are all assuredly of the highest quality. Located in Singapore’s latest and greenest lifestyle hub, The Grandstand, MAD is the next step in the evolution of the dining experience.

The Grandstand, Turf City
200 Turf Club Road
#01- 20/21
Singapore 287994
Tel: 64663303 Fax: 64663277

42 on the first level
131 on the second level

Mondays to Fridays 10.00 am to 10.30pm
Saturdays to
Sundays 9.00am to 10.30pm

WEBSITE: (to be activated on 1 December 2012)



  1. Every aspect of this place was perfection. Very professional staff, incredible food, spectacular view and when you felt like a guest at your wedding it cannot get any better.