Capital Distributors Pte Ltd celebrates SG50 with 50 Local Families at exclusive “1965” Screening

The month of August is all about our nation's birthday and what better way to celebrate it then to watch a movie with your family. That was what Capital Distributors Pte Ltd set out to do.

They held a "Treasured Moments" Photo Journey competition where participants shared 3 photographs depicting their treasured moments with families and loved ones. 50 local families were selected for an exclusive screening of "1965" at Shaw Lido Theatres yesterday. Of the 170 entries received, it was interesting to note that there were submissions from a Singapore family with 4 generations, a golden jubilee couple and a participant whose grandfather knew Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

If you are wondering what products they distribute, it is the KDK electric fans you see below. The company is an advocate of family unity and supports community efforts which explains this campaign.

The winners of the competition also received limited edition Flashpay cards and KDK Box Fans. Look at them smiling away for the camera. Does it make you wonder when was the last time you caught a movie with your family?

KDK also produced a short film titled "KDK Fan Talk - Treasured Moments" to showcase family love that passes on from generation to generation. It was produced by MM2 Entertainment, the same production house behind "1965". Short and simple, it captures the essence of what the love of a family means to an elderly and is definitely heartwarming. Making for a good lead in to "1965", it is similar in the sense that it reminds us of the importance of family and how it is the basic building block of the nation. 

"1965" while familiar to everyone in terms of factual history had a well crafted storyline and the emotional scenes acted out by the actors when they faced the terrors of racial riots leave you helpless in your seats. It brought history out from the social studies textbooks we studied as kids into something realistic and identifiable to us. Definitely a good watch!

Writer: Samuel Low



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