Paradise Group Presents ParaThai - First Venture In Authentic Thai Cuisine‏

 Expanding beyond its niche in Chinese cuisine, Paradise Group opens its first Thai restaurant, ParaThai, as its debut venture into Asian cuisine. You can now enjoy authentic and quality Thai dishes at the newly opened OneKM Shopping Mall, ParaThai.

We all know that there is a huge demand of Thai foodfare among Singaporeans, this new concept aims to fulfil foodies’ continual search for true, authentic Thai flavours, as well as bringing to them an exceptional Thai dining experience.

Modern artistic dining ambience

Unlike the usual Thai restaurants, ParaThai’s interior décor is inspired by the young budding artists, as well as the sprouting and ever growing art scene of the vibrant city, Bangkok. 

Using raw materials of timbers and concrete as the background, along with a display of art pieces from pottery to paintings and photography, stepping into ParaThai is akin to a walk into a modern art gallery. Coupled with a team of warm and friendly staff who plays up the renowned Thai hospitality, ParaThai treats guests to a complete Thai experience very much like taking a trip to Thailand itself.

Extensive menu of authentic Thai cuisine

With a comprehensive menu of over 80 true-blue authentic Thai dishes, decked by Chef Meaw and his team, diners can expect to indulge in the intensity of the spices and fragrance of fresh herbs laced and lavished in each dish at ParaThai. Staying true to the culinary culture and ancient flavours, the experienced team of Thailand home-grown chefs hopes to capture the essence of the cuisine by using original recipes and fresh premium ingredients. 

The extensive all-day menu starts from interesting small bites and appetising salads, before moving on to the heavy weight contenders like soups, curries, seafood and poultries.
Highlights from the menu

Appetisers and Salads

For a refreshing appetiser to start the meal, try the mildly sweet Kway Teow Song Kreang (Homemade Minced Pork in Rice Noodle Wrap, $6.90), or savoury and spicy Hor Mak Pla (Thai Style Otak-Otak, $10.90). The well-thought mix of pomelo flesh, cashew nuts and crispy dried shrimps, topped with pork floss, makes up an amazing salad dish of Yam Som-O Goong Krob (Pomelo Salad with Dried Shrimps, $9.90)


A Thai meal cannot be considered complete without the classic Tom Yam Goong (Tom Yum Soup with Sea Prawns, $7.90 per bowl / $19.90 per firepot). Perfecting a great balance of being spicy, sweet and sour all at once, this soup broth is flavourful and packs a powerful punch. It is generously filled with sea prawns that enhance the soup with its natural sweetness.


Geang Phed Ped Yang (Roast Duck in Red Curry with Pineapple, $14.90) is a unique Thai-Chinese fusion dish and is one of the most popular curries.

In Thailand, it is not commonly found in eateries, but mostly served in high-class restaurants. Tender slices of roast duck are added to a curry broth concocted with more than 15 herbs and spices. Together with pineapple cubes and grapes, a delightful and aromatic dish is formed.

 This is one of the highly recommended must try!

ParaThai has a range of delectable seafood dishes, featuring key items such as seabass, squid and softshell crab. A recommended dish would be Pla Ka Phong Naung Ma Nao (Steamed Seabass with Lime and Chilli, $29.90), where the whole fish is steamed to perfect succulence with a special homemade broth including fresh lime juice, garlic, chilli, spring onions and more.

Meat and Poultries:

Other signature dishes of ParaThai include  Gai Phad Bai Kra Prow (Stir-fried Minced Chicken or Pork with Basil Leaves, $11.90) and Suer Rong Hai (“Crying Tiger” BBQ Beef Steak served with Homemade Sauce, $16.90).

Rice and Noodles

Almost certainly one of most recognized Thai dish worldwide, try the tasty Phad Thai Goong Sod (Thai Style Fried Rice Noodle with Prawns, $12.90). ParaThai offers a purely traditional rendition of this delightful dish, leaving customers hankering for a second helping. Diners who prefer rice to noodles will definitely appreciate a plate of fragrant Pandan Leaf Rice ($1.20), which goes well with all main dishes.


End a satisfying meal on a sweet note with Tab Tim Krob (Red Ruby Served with Jackfruit and Coconut Milk, $5.90).

Have a refreshing coconut water to beat the tropical summer thirst..


Address: 11 Tanjong Katong Road, #02-23 OneKM, Singapore 437157
Telephone number 6702 2541

Opening hours Mon – Fri, 11.00am – 10.00pm
Sat, Sun & PH, 10.30am – 10.00pm



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