NDP2015 Celebrated with the YoungNTUC

Here's a recount of how we spent our National Day:

Thanks to YoungNTUC, we had tickets to catch the live streaming of NDP at the Promontory at Marina Bay. While the weather had left the field muddy, the public remained in high spirits and with ground sheets laid out, everyone has made themselves nice and cosy. 

From the Promontory, we had a good view of the aerial performances. 

The Chinooks and the Pumas were sighted with our Singapore flag.

The Black Knights doing their iconic '50' formation as they flew past the Promontory and as they did, everyone can be observed whipping out their phones and taking photographs.

It was a time of reminiscing our childhood songs, from 'Count of Me Singapore' to 'Munnaeru Vaalibaa'. While we may not remember all the lyrics, it was fun simply grooving to the beat and enjoying the songs, all as the sun sets.

It seems that even the children are enjoying themselves with the things issued in the fun pack. 

NDP 2015 was definitely one NDP we will live to remember, with 'Home' being the song that we all identify with, so with that said, once again here's a shout out to Singapore "Happy Birthday!"

Writer: Samuel Low