The Winners of 'My Journey, My Home' SG50 Card Design Art Competition Unveiled by EZ-Link

This competition was opened to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents and comprised the Open Category ran by the NAC for the public and the Dyslexic Association of Singapore category ran for the DAS students. It is supported by the NAC and MCCY in celebration of SG50 and the designs which win will be printed out on EZ-Link cards.

The winning designs of the EZ-Link 'My Journey, My Home' SG50 Card Design Art Competition were unveiled on Monday with the four best ones being announced. These four designs would be printed out on 200,000 EZ-link cards which will go on sale from 4th August at TransitLink Ticket Offices island-wide. 

There were 20 entries that were being showcased and there were quite a few pieces that really impressed us. One of these was William's work. It was among the first few pieces I scanned through and surprisingly, my gaze stopped there and as I was appreciating it, William popped by and here's a photograph of him with his work. 

William Choo (DAS Senior - Winner)
What was different about his work was that it wasn't splashed with colours like the other entries. It was simply black and white but the characters illustrated had that comic feel to it and you can feel that fun element through the interaction of these characters. It also happened that William's work was among one of the top four selected!

Besides William's, let me introduce to you the other winning pieces. This is Matthew whose work was among one of the top four and will be the first design to be available on sale.

Matthew's work captures the Singapore of the past and contrasts it to the Singapore we see in the present. A simple piece of drawing filled with colours.

Tang Chun Kit Matthew Hubert (DAS Junior - Winner)

Amalia's work was very realistically illustrated and you can actually visualise this scene playing out in front of you, the Singapore not of the past but of the present.

Amalia Bte Kamal (NAC Senior - Winner) 

Hui Shyan's work demonstrates the iconic places in Singapore and how they contribute to Singapore's identity. It is one that is bright and vibrant, full of life.

Neo Hui-Shyan (NAC Junior - Winner)

Congratulations to the winners! Do support these budding artists and purchase their designs. Part of the sales will go to DAS to provide financial assistance to the students there. 

Writer: Samuel Low