POPGAL is now available in Singapore!

POPGAL is a premium-quality gourmet popcorn that is guarantee to be your all-time favourite snack for every occasion. You can pop into your mouth when movie watching with friends at home, magazine reading or even when you go on a picnic.

They are popped from the best quality non-GMO mushroom popcorn kernel. This gives a bigger and rounder pop which is perfect for coatings with different flavours that cater to discerning taste buds of consumers.

POPGAL is a healthier snack! It is low fat and low calories yet without compromising its taste. This is because POPGAL utilizing the hot air popper imported from U.S., the popcorn is popped evenly with no cooking oil added. That's so AWESOME right!!!

With a team of dedicated and experienced R&D staffs producing this delicious popcorn since 2011. Every batch of popcorn is made using the highest quality of ingredients to ensure we deliver the same tasty popcorn to you. 

The photo above is their Honedew flavour!

There are 4 irresistible flavours for you to choose from!

Caramel - It’s premium handcrafted popcorn coated with U.S. imported caramel sugar. Truly a delight and a favour created for everyone! This is one of my all-timefavourite!

Honey Dew – This is a nice refreshing fruit tasting popcorn that gives a satisfying crisp! 

Spicy Curry – A fiery mix of fresh popcorn and curry spices that are slow-fired! Suitable for hot and spicy lovers. 

Seaweed – Tossed with premium Japan seaweed powder, it’s a truly gourmet experience that gives a salty deliciousness!

Where to buy them in Singapore?

 Daily Fresh products are available in all Cheers outlets in Singapore and an online grocery retailer (www.redmart.com.sg). 

What is the price?
For retail selling price, it is priced at SGD4.80 for large-sized and SGD3.30 for small-sized.

For more information:
Website: http://www.dailyfreshfoods.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DailyFreshMalaysia



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