Try this and Love this!

Hey all,
Still remember last year I made the F&N Outrageous Orange Cake? (Click here to check it out)

Ya this year what am I going to make?

Yes I decided to make F&N Outrageous Orange Ice-cream. This is the 1st time I am doing this. I'm a person who loves fruit a lot and this time round I added in my favourite Strawberries into it.

It was really very exciting for me trying out new thing this round again.

So read on below as I show you how I make this very simple F&N Outrageous Orange Ice-cream at home too.

First you need of cause the F&N Sparkling Drink.

As for the flavour is really up to you in fact. If you like the F&N Sarsi, you can make a Sarsi Icecream too!!! Same for the fruit too, you can add kiwi or mango too!!!

Ok 1st I washed the Strawberries and chopped them into small bits.

Okay this is the size I want the bits. Not too small so you can still bite it...

Okay once you done with the chopping, placed them into the ice-cream maker container about half full.

Alright! Now add in the F&N sparkling drinks!

Ok there you are done! You can place them in the freezer now!

Have F&N Have Fun!!!