The Power of Social Media Network (Facebook, Twitters, Foursquare, whatsapp etc)

At 1st was the Macdonald 1 for 1 Flash it E-coupon!
I believed a lot of people also saw this promotion spreaded from their friend in Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc....
This is how strong the social media network can be.
Within a day, I believe the promotion news can reach million.
I will say this is a cheap and efficient way of advertising.

Then Burgerking also have similar stragegy with their $1 burger promotion E- coupon. I heard there was a crowd on that day of the promotion too!

Then the latest one was the Swenson 1 for 1 E-coupon.

This promotion will be on 28th-30th March.

I'm not surprise if there will be a crowd again.

Social Media Network is really very POWERFUL!

No wonder a lot of companies are adopting Facebook, foursquare, Twitter, etc.