Exclusive: Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2 (Preliminaries) Video

Hi all,

Sorry to keep you all waiting. I was having a hard time uploading this 12 min long video to Youtube. In the end I chose to uploaded it to Metacafe. I hope the video looks alright.

So here presenting to you all 1 video featuring all the 40 teams that took part for Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2 (Preliminaries). They really impressed me with their body moves.

It's amazing to see how a human's body can do so much things.

Enjoy the video!!!

Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2- Preliminaries

The 20 finalists teams are (in no particular order):
1) Go Go Funky Rangers (Indonesia)
2) B.O.T.S (Born to Swag)
3) The Basic Five
4) Sickin Freak
5) Flair Brothers
6) I.DOT.M (I Dot M)
7) The Zoo Thailand
8) Free Frago
9) Househead
10) Sonic Vibe
11) Team Elite (Philippines)
12) Major Jam
13) Fantastic Forze Crew
14) Size-Zero
15) Burning Bums (the only couple group)
16) Rough Addicts
17) F4C Stars
18) Joyce and the Boys (Defending Champions)
19) Harlequinn
20) Hit the Speed Limit

Wishing them all the best in their FINALS!!! =)

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  1. i'm sorry hun I.M is also a 'couple group' (duo). not just Burning Bums. thanks.