Have F&N Sure Have FUN

Still remember in my last year F&N's blog post- http://blog.omy.sg/fnn/2010/04/26/fraser-and-neave-fn-sparkling-drinks/?

YES! Have F&N Have FUN!!!

This year I have the chance to party with F&N sparkling drinks too!
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Few day ago, I was invited to a party with some of my blogger friends. It was coincidentally that they were serving us F&N Outrageous Orange Sparkling Drinks (My Favourite flavour)!

So I took on the role of being a waiter serving my friend with

F&N Outrageous Orange Sparkling Drinks (Free Labour, hahaha) !

Making sure everyone had a glass of nice F&N Outrageous Orange Sparkling drink!

We went on with a Cheers!!!
Wishing everyone all the best in anything they do!


See everyone so happy from the facial expression! Yeah!!!

F&N brings out the FUN in any party!!!

That why I say "Have F&N Have FUN"!