iPad 2 in Singapore 2011

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As the iPad made its debut about 1 year ago and more rumors are popping up, saying a new Apple tablet is in the process, sporting front- and rear-facing cameras. Are you planning to get one for yourself?

Rumour from online saying a new iPad would be coming in mid 2011 that, in addition to having two cameras, the new iPad 2 will be:
- slimmer
- lighter
- have a higher resolution screen

It'll be available in black and white - from day one.

A front-facing camera on the iPad would enable FaceTime video chat on the tablet device similar to what is available on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers.

A rear-facing camera on the iPad has drawn less speculation than its front-facing counterpart, but a second camera would by no means be a surprise. Apple's other iOS handsets including the iPod Touch and iPhone have rear-facing cameras, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab (the iPad's most promising competitor so far) also features a 3.2 megapixel rear-facing camera. And for that, Apple Company will sure come out something to beat Samsung Galaxy Tab for sure.
More detail can be found here.