MAJOR JAM at Wavehouse Sentosa

It's gonna be "MAJOR JAM" at Wavehouse Sentosa this Saturday (12 Mar 2011).
We are all looking forward for that day, the Finals for Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2! Who will be the winner that go Japan?

The tickets to the Finals had been all SOLD OUT!!!
But you can still participate in this contest to win a pair of tickets.

Today I gonna intoduce the 2nd group of the 20 Finalists group.
Who are they???

This group is quite a unique group with mixture of guys and gals. The crew named themselves as "MAJOR JAM".

How does this name came about?
According to them this name came about as they are representing NTUMJ to join the competition and they want to have a crew name in association with the term MJ. Though the crew name may sound funny, they were thinking people will actually remember their name because it sounds unique. (Cool)

All of them are representatives of NTUMJ HipHop Club, under the guidance of Mr. Patrick Loo, a HipHop dance icon in Singapore. They are a mixed of seniors and alumni.

Below are some of the photo taken during their practice preparing for Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2 (Finals), which will be held at Wavehouse this Saturday (12 Mar 2011).

Ah Lek teaching the rest of the group member.


Making sure the position is well co-odinated across.

Wanna know why they joined this competition?
Major Jam: "We wanted to join SDD 2011 to gauge where we stand in the competition scene. Also, it is a an eye-opener to see how other teams perform and we see it as a good opportunity to learn from one another. Moreover, SDD is one of the biggest dance competitions you can find in Singapore. No matter what the result is, everyone will always gain something out of participating in competitions, such as improving your dance skills and techniques, learning new concepts, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, making new friends. As always, MAJOR JAM just want to show to the audience what we have and enjoy the competition process. "

Here is a recap video (Taken by me) on their prelims round:

If video does not work, click here.



If you have some encouragement or shout out words to them,

you can post them at F&N’s Facebook .

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All the best!!!