Marriage Central- Real Love is all about...

Real Love is all about....

Gf: Do you love me dear?
Bf: Yes.

Gf: Will you take care of me till I die?
Bf: Yes.

Gf: Will you help me to take care of my dog when I am away?
Bf: Yes.

Gf: Do you like my cooking?
Bf: Yes.

Gf: Will you bring me for holiday?
Bf: Yes.

Real Love is all about saying the truthful “Yes” in our daily life…
We have to be truthful to each other. Especially when we said “Yes”, we have to keep our words/promises. We all crave intimacy, need to love and be loved. Yet many have much problems doing so.

Real Love needs “Evaluation”
We all need to choose our partner wisely and well. Evaluate a potential partner as you would a friend; look at their personalitiy, character, values, their words and actions and their relationship with others.

Real Love needs “Understanding”.
It will be also good to know our partner’s belief about relationship. This is because different people have different belief and often leads to conflicts about relationships. You won’t want to fall in love with someone who expects lots of dishonesty in relationships; they'll create it where it doesn't exist.

Real Love but not because of “SEX”
Do not confuse sex with love too… This is very important. Especially in the start of a relationship, attraction and pleasure in sex are often mistaken for love.

Real Love need “Honesty”

We have to know our needs and speak up for them clearly. A relationship is not about guessing game. Many people, men and Women, fear stating the facts, as a result, hiding them. The result may result in anger, frustration, disappointment which may leads to future dispute.

Real Love need “Teamwork”

Viewing yourselves as a team, which means you are 2 unique individuals bringing different perspectives and strenghs. Supporting each other in life.
Real love needs “Acception”.
Accepting each of us have differences and manage it. Stonewalling or avoiding it conflicts is Not a a way to manage it.

Real love needs Clarification

Always clarify if you are in doubt of what your partner is doing. Talk and explore, don't assume.

Real love needs a listener
We should learn to listen, truly listen to what our partner’s concerns and complaints without judgement. When we listen, it opens the door to confding and empathy is crucial. Look at things from your partner’s perspective as well as your own.

Real love doesn’t have any ending

It is a lifelong process maintained through regular attention.

Marriage is an agreement to spend a future together, so take a long-range view.
Check out your dreams with each other regularly to make sure you're both are on the same path. Update your dreams regularly.

I heard people said “Sex is good, Pillow talk is better. Sex is easy, intimacy is difficult”.
It requires honesty, openness, self-disclosure, confiding concerns, fears, sadnesses as well as hopes and dreams.

Below is a video I did with my friends showing some of the fun memories in their life and the "Yes":

Wishing everyone a happy relationship life!

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