HTC Wildfire Connects YOU & ME

Hi everyone, recently I visited the HTC Concept Store located at Nex to find out more of HTC handphone. Read on as I share with you my experience on HTC Wildfire handphone and how it can connects YOU & ME.

HTC Concept Store locating at Nex Shopping Centre, #03-26.

I was there on a monday evening and there was a crowd in the store. Everyone checking out the HTC phones. Have you check out too?

A couple trying out the HTC handphone.

The HTC handphone caught the attention of this 2 ladies here.

Interesting displays of the HTC phone on the wall. Very CUTE!

Today I am introducing the HTC Wildfire to everyone.

HTC Wildfrie comes with HTC sense.

What is "HTC Sense"?
HTC Sense is an experience designed around many little insightful ideas. Ideas that seem so simple, you think "why hasn't any one else thought of that? It just makes sense." It's a phone experience full of lots of little surprises, delighting you every time ....

People Widgets and Groups- I can group them into friend, colleauges, family and stay in contact more easily.

People-centric Communication- All your calls, messages and updates are organized by people, not by applications.

Polite Ringer- As soon as you lift it up to see who’s calling, the ringer volume drops. Just turn it over and it goes silent. This technology is so COOL and user friendly!

Leap to any Panel- Pinch to view all your homescreens at once, then just tap to jump to the one you want.

Search from Anywhere- One search combs through all your contacts, apps, content and the web. I don't have to scratch my head again with this!

HTC Footprints- Make a journal of your life's highlights with photos, location tags, sounds and notes. I'm a photo person and I love taking photo and sharing them. This function is good!

Customizable Homescreen- Add everything that is important to you to your homescreen.

Weather and Clock- You travel and the weather and clock update automatically.

Scenes- Create and change between your perfect phone for work, home or holiday.

Check Facebook©, Twitter™ and Flickr® all at one go
With Friend Stream, you can see all your friends' Facebook© updates, Tweets and Flickr® photos on the same screen. Isn't that COOL?

And you can also update your own profiles in one go.

Our next-generation Caller ID
With this, you can get to see more information of the caller . You gets to see infomation like their Facebook© status and birthday date, too. You Caller ID doesn't just tell you their name and number any more. That's so helpful!

Recommend apps straight from your phone to your friend
Sharing an app with your friend? You can now send them a link straight from your phone to theirs. There are 1000 of apps available on Android Market™ - including games, social-networking apps and new arrivals every day.

The phone comes in this 3 colour (white, black & red).

Watch video here:

Friendly HTC's staff there to explain the phones to you.

Hmm... Let me try out and see... =)

A group photo with Angie & friends who was there with me too.

Before I end this post...

Yes! You can stand a chance to win a HTC phone.

How to win:
-Go to and answer some simple question.
-Fill up the particulars and that's it!