SDD Vol.2- Hear what the Judges have to say

Headlining the judging panel was the creator of Dance Delight himself, Mitsuhiro Harada a.k.a Machine.

Accompanying him was accomplished Hip Hop dancer Dominique and well-known House dancer Tatsuo, both from Japan.

Dominique, admired for his skillful 'poppin'' techniques, won Dance Delight Vol.4 and Dance Delight Vol.10. Tatsuo is known for his ability to freely execute high skilled steps and acrobatic movements in House dance.

The judges from Singapore were familiar and respected names in the dance community. They were Kenny Low, Founder, O School; Ryan Tan, Creative Director, O School; and Hu Pei Zhen aka An An from Da' Street Soulz (Funkamania 2006, Champions).

What are they looking for this year in Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2?

See the video below to find out more: