Interview with Major Jam after the SDD Vol.2 Finals

This group is quite a unique group with mixture of guys and gals. The crew named themselves as "MAJOR JAM".

According to them this name came about as they are representing NTUMJ to join the competition and they want to have a crew name in association with the term MJ. Though the crew name may sound funny, they were thinking people will actually remember their name because it sounds unique. (Cool)

All of them are representatives of NTUMJ HipHop Club, under the guidance of Mr. Patrick Loo, a HipHop dance icon in Singapore. They are a mixed of seniors and alumni.

Check out their video:

That day after the Finals, I did an interview with Major Jam.
They are really a group of humble dancers. Read on below as I interviewed them.

William: How do you guys feel when you never won in Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2 (Finals)?

Vernon (Major Jam): We felt really good actually. We are happy and honored to share the same stage with so many great and strong dancers! Competition was tough but we did our best. And the top 3 deserved the winning. We are most proud that JATB will represening Singapore for JDD cause we think their style is unique and they are super tight. Lot's of chemistry, which is what makes a good crew.

William: Will you be joining again next year for SDD 2012?

Vernon (Major Jam): Yeah, we will definitely join SDD 2012 because MJ has only just started our enginein the comp scene. We will definitely work even harder!