Maid carrying Singapore NSmen's backpack

Picture found in STOMP. As we all thought NSmen are trained to be fit & strong soldiers -- yet this one makes maid carry his backpack.

It may be a shame to some. But some people may argue that maybe the guy is sick? Or maybe is the parent of the boys instucted the maid to carry it? Or simply the boys is just too pampered? There could be lots of possibilites behind this too. But nevertheless, I think this photo was published on facebook which I felt it was wrong! Cause the facebook user put "'Why we need foreign talents in Singapore!'". The

Singapore Armed Forces says it will investigate the case of a national serviceman who had apparently made his maid carry his backpack, and take the appropriate action. The response came after a photo was posted in STOMP, showing a young man dressed in army fatigues walking in front of a woman carrying what seemed to be his backpack. The story was later picked up by The Straits Times.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said in response to the report in The Straits Times that "the SAF takes a serious view of the conduct of its servicemen in public" and that it will investigate and take the appropriate action. The story had sparked a debate among STOMPers, on whether Gen Y soldiers are too 'soft', 'spoilt' and 'pampered'.