Airshow 2012- Asia's Biggest for Aviation's Finest

Sometime back on 16 Feb I was invited to the Singapore Airshow 2012 and it was my 1st time as a media there. Still can recall many year back, I was there for security coverage as a police officer. So happy that I am there this time to enjoy and take photo of the planes and also watch the airshow.

Wow such a BIG EVENT I can't believe it was held in Singapore!!!
Clap hand for Singapore!!!

The weather was good but just a bit too hot!!!
Ya just what are those people doing under the sun?

Yes they are there to catch the Aerobatic Flying Displays!!! Wow!!!
Impressive right!!!

Hmm... If only I have a better lens and I can zoom closer of the plane. This was the best I can with my Cannon DSLR Camera.

Sorry I didn't get to take a lot of the shot for the Flying Displays Show as we were a bit late for the show.

So I move on to the Static Display of the planes.
It was truely a great opportunity to take photo of the different plane that was on Static display.

Some of the featured aircraft displays are Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Dassailt Falcon 900 LX, United States Air Force F-22 Raptor, F-15E Strike Eagle, F-35 Lightning II, Airbus A380 and many...

Many people was there to see the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The 787 landed in Singapore for the first time just before the show opened and was on static display 14 to 17 February. The third flight-test Dreamliner aircraft is outfitted with a business-class cabin, an overhead crew rest compartment and an economy-class section.

Boeing has 870 Dreamliners on order from 59 customers, including Singapore Airlines and Vietnam Airlines.

Okay now this plane you all should be familiar right?
I don't have to say much too... Yes that plane belonged to world famous actor Jackie Chan.
The Legacy 650 has a Jackie Chan's iconic dragon logo at the tail of the plane.

Me and Hongpeng taking a photo with Jackie Chan's plane.

And soon me and HongPeng decided to move in to the aircon place.

There is a Butterfly Garden inside the Exhibition Hall!!! So cool right!!!

See the butterfly is so friendly. They actually just let the public touch them, or simply land on their body parts.

They like my shirt!!! Now my plain white shirt look so pretty right!!!

See closer.... It is REAL!!!

Hey guys,the next Airshow will be in 2014!!!

Before we left, we had some food at the lounge.

Okay I'm going end with a group photo taken with the blogger friends and Radio 987 DJ Vanessa Fernandez who was there to broadcast the event.