Interviews with SDD Vol.3 Finalist Dance Crew- TEAM EL1TE

Hi everyone, as you all know that the Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3 Finals will be held at Kallang Theatre on this Saturday (17 Mar 2012), 7pm, I'm truely delighted to be able to interview the SDD Vol.3, Top 20 Finalist Dance Crew, TEAM EL1TE before they actually go for their Finals!!!

Through this interview we will not only get to know more about TEAM EL1TE and also find out what are their dreams and aspirations. What inspired them to dance. Hope you guys will enjoy reading it and do scroll down till the end to watch their dance performance video for SDD Vol.2 (Finals) taken last year.

1. Please introduce your group briefly and how many members in your group?

Hey guys, we are TEAM EL1TE! from the Philippines, you may recognize us from last year. We were the Philippines 1st representatives during SDD Vol.2 For SDD we maximized the slot by joining 8,but our whole community is quite large roughly around 25-30 members. Mostly seasonal members due to school & depends on the "dance season". It is divided into members & compet roster.

2. Why did your group choose this name?
We chose this because the dictionary meaning of "Team & Elite" Best suits our description. I did not choose "crew" I rather got "Team" because the meaning states that Team means "a family of young animals & A group organized to work together" and Elite - the choice or best of anything considered collectively, as of a group or class of persons.

3. How did you guys join together?
Founded as a College of Saint Benilde/De La Salle Univeristy crew, Since 2009.
Eric Ejercito gathered "Elite" members to join for a De La Salle University Competition called "Remix" & other school based compets where in we were constant placers, since then till now we are much active in competing

4. Where do you all practice? All the groups practice together?
We are the unofficial dance group of our school so we do not have the privilege of using the dance studio and we just rehearse at the hallways of our university or a vacant classroom.

5. How old are the members in your group?
17-24yrs old

6. Is there any event you guys performed together?
SDD? hahaha we do gigs every now & then were very active with competitions

7. Tell me what inspire you guys?
Our coach & each other ;)

8. What are your dreams and aspirations?To capture the hearts of many

9. What do you think is the most distinctive feature of your team?
Our Captain of the team & Coach are into "magic' so we best assure to always try to put a little gimmick every now & then to show off a distinct feature when we showcase our group :)

10. Anything you like to say to your supporters/friends/fans?
Thank you for the support you have given us since 2009, family, friends & fan's We are so overwhelmed with the continuous support you give us, we feel so blessed to have you guys, thank you thank you, means a lot & you push us to strive more to reach excellence!
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sit back and enjoy the dance performance of TEAM EL1TE taken at SDD Vol.2 Finals last year.

*ps: The Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3 Finals will be held at Kallang Theatre on 17 Mar 2012, 7pm. Only one team will win the coveted chance to compete in Japan. Admission to the SDD Vol.3 is by ticket only. Tickets are on sale now at O SCHOOL @ $15/20 now!!!
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