Exclusive Interview with the CHAMPION- Da' Street Soulz

Congratulations to Da' Street Soulz for being the CHAMPION for SDD. VOL. 3!

1. How do you all feel clinching the top title for this Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 3 ? 
We felt overwhelmed, delightful, and emotional too as we were reminiscing the late night practices we had even though we had a long day of work.

2. What do you all think that contributes to the winning of this reputable title ?
I believe it's our heart, passion and desire to do this.

3. What are your feelings having to compete in Japan next ? 
We know standard in Japan in insanely high. But with our hearts, teamwork and love, we want to challenge ourselves. And we believe this trip will be an invaluable experience for us.

4. How well are you all prepared for this competition in Japan ?
We are in the midst of discussion for our JDD routine. JDD requires 5 minutes of routine. For SDD, we had a 3 min routine. So we will do our best to make this 5 mins routine a good one.

5. What tips and advice do you all have for all the dancers who are as passionate as you ?
Firstly, you have to have this love and heart and passion for dance. Many people have words like "yah yah we love dance" but actions were never put into it. Find a group of friends who has this same love and session together. If things work out, form a team and then the journey begins.

Alright folks, you heard them!!! Don't give up on your dreams!!! Work hard for it!!!
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