Live It Up Without Lighting Up Launch Party @ Scape

Live it Up Without Lighting Up Launch Event at *SCAPE, Warehouse
Hey guys!!!
Just few day back (21 Mar 2012) evening, I was at the Live It Up Without Lighting Up Launch Event held at *SCAPE, Warehouse. Lot of youth gathered for this launch event and the aim of the movement is to get youth excited about leading a tobacco-free lifestyle. It symbolises youth pursuing their talents and engaging in positive activities. It taps on the power of the individual to fight tobacco.

The Health Promotion Board is launching the 'Live It Up Without Lighitng Up' Global Movement through music and dance, mediums which resonate strongly with youth. In the show of youth solidarity and talent, the event had united 28 countries worldwide, all of whom believe in leading a smoke-free lifestyle through various activites such as:
-Pleadging their support for a smoke-free lifestyle on a monogram wall.
-Participating in a mass dance parade of over 200 youth showcasing a dance routine specially choreograghed for a song composed and remixed by local youth musician.
-Pitting their skills in a dance competition between 10 dance teams from the various educational institutions and dance schools in Singapore.
-Setting a record for the most number of Twitter followers within two hours.

Daniel Ong was the host that night

From left: Hayley, Jayley, Gary and his friend

From left: Hayley, Jayley, Gary and myself

FREE FLOW FOOD- That's my dinner!!!
The crowd getting HIGH with the music!

Yes there was a LIUWLU Dance Competition happening on that day too.
10 shortlisted dance teams on stage competing for the ultimate prize of $3000,
As part of the competition, the teams had incorporating 30-seconds of the 'Live It Up' song into their dance track.

WOW! The four babes from M&M had just turned up the room temperture!!! 

Clinching a spot in the top three, five-member crew T.S.K impressed the crowd with their dance routine.

Siren, the all-girl group wowed the crowd with their hip-hop jam fused with ballet splits.

This guys were really good on stage!
The five guys from Fad Faction worked the crowd and heated up the dance floor with their number.
Another group of girls from CJ Crew dancing on stage! They were really HOT!!!

Check out the dance performance by local team- CJ Crew!!!!

For more video of the rest of the dance crew, you can visit here.
Time for the RESULT!!!
Check out this video of the top 3 dance teams PK-ing on stage!!!
Time for the annoucement of the result!

Dr K Vijaya, Director, Youth Health Division, Health Promotion Board
presenting the prize to the  2nd Runner up winner- T.S.K.

Siren emerged as 1st runner-up at the LIUWLU dance competition.
Fad Faction soared to victory claiming the grand prize of $3,000 for the  LIUWLU Dance Competition

Dance Party- spun by DJ Inquisitive and DJ SOF
The crowd dancing to the music!


Youths showing off their dance moves and friend cheering for them.
Jayley, Hayley and friend dance to hit tunes with choreography designed for them from the Wii game.
It's really cool to learn dancing with with Wii!

Really fun seeing my friend playing Wii!
We did it! We set the record for the most number of Twitter followers in 1 hour at the Live it Up Without Lighting up Global Movement launch! And this feat went down in the Singaporebookofrecords! How COOL is that?

Lastly I want to encourage everyone to stay on a TOBACCO-FREE lifestyle and pursue your talents and take up more positive activities like dancing!

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