Hey guys, I want you all to join me and my friends at the “Live It Up Without Lighting Up” Global Launch Party! Show support for a tobacco-free world!!!
Admission is FREE!!!
It will be a FUN-BLASTED night partying!!!!
You and your friends will be able to EAT, DRINK, MEET with youth from other countries, dance, play games - just celebrate the benefits of being tobacco-free!
Don't miss this chance to party together ok!!! =)

Date: 21 March 2012
Time: 7pm – 11pm
Venue: SCAPE Warehouse (2 Orchard Link)


Live It Up Without Lighting Up Global Movement - The Health Promotion Board (HPB), Singapore is hosting the 15th World Conference on Tobacco or Health. In conjunction with the Conference, HPB is launching the Live It Up Without Lighting Up (LIUWLU) Global Movement targeted at youth.

This movement starts in Singapore, but will not end here. Through online media platforms, e.g. YouTube, MTV, Facebook and Twitter, and their partnerships with international organisations and individuals, e.g. Global Youth Action Against Tobacco (GYAT), Youth for Health (Y4H) and Wong Fu, who support the movement, youth all over the world will be encouraged to create their own Live It Up Without Lighting Up global movement.

The movement gives you the freedom to decide for yourself how you will benefit from being tobacco-free. It encourages you to think about a talent you want to groom, or even a dream you want to achieve. It shows you that tobacco control advocacy does not have to be boring or difficult – and that you can choose to do it in the ways that you find most relatable to you and their peers.

The Objectives
The movement seeks to get youth excited about leading a
tobacco-free lifestyle. It symbolises young people pursuing their talents and
engaging in positive activities, such as sports, dance and music. It taps on
the power and energy of the young individual to fight against tobacco.

Also, it focuses on four key aspects - better looks, fitness, spending power and environment.

Better looks without lighting up
- Smoking produces free radicals that affect the gene that causes the breakdown of elastin and collagen. Without sufficient collagen for renewal, the smoker’s skin gradually loses its elasticity, and becomes dry and wrinkly. Apart from that, smoking also stains teeth and increases the risk of gum disease.

Better fitness without lighting up
- The carbon monoxide found in tobacco smoke is the same gas found in a car's exhaust system. Carbon monoxide interferes with the body's ability to use the oxygen inhaled to provide energy to cells and prevents the transport of oxygen to various parts of the body, including the brains, lungs and muscles. Research has shown that a runner who smokes 20 cigarettes a day is unable to beat a non-smoker 12 years older!

Better spending power without lighting up
- On average, a pack of cigarettes costs $11.60 in Singapore. Smoking one pack a day will cost a smoker about $4,000 a year. That’s a lot of money that could have been spent on dance, sports or other lessons, watching a concert or an international sporting event, a great pair of shoes or a classy outfit that you have been eyeing, and maybe even a holiday overseas!

Better environment without lighting up
- It is estimated that 2000 km2 of forests and woodlands are cut down each year because of tobacco farming. This is equivalent to destroying trees that can cover almost 3 times
Singapore’s land size of 707 km2 every year! Also, the growing of tobacco also means that less land is available for food crops. It has been estimated that about 10 to 20 million people could be fed if food crop is grown on lands used to grow tobacco.
Learn the “Live It Up Dance” to join in the fun:

'Live It Up Without Lighting Up’ Song & Dance
1) ‘Live It Up Without Lighting Up’ Song
• Song is written and produced by Patrick Chng, local song-composer and producer
• Performed by consortium of smoke-free performers from local bands:
- Sam from The Dirt Radicals (Vocals)
- Matthew from A Vacant Affair (Vocals)
- Martin from Caracal (Drums)
- Gabriel from Caracal (Guitar)
- Mark John (Guitar)
- Benjamin from Black Diamond Ninjas (Bass)
• ShiGGa Shay, a local rapper, rapped and remixed the song for the dance
• For more information about the song and why they stay tobacco-free, pls read:
2) ‘Live It Up Without Lighting Up’ Dance
• Dance is choreographed by Zaini Tahir, local choreographer and Assistant Director (Artistic Development), The Republic Cultural Centre, Republic Polytechnic
• For more information about Zaini and why he chose to stay tobacco-free, pls read:
If you support this movement, you can also take part in some of these activities:
1) Publicise the “Live It Up Without Lighting Up” messages through your blog, Twitter or Facebook account

2) Gather a group of friends or youth and choreograph a ‘Live It Up Without Lighting Up’ dance routine. Showcase it at one of your school’s or organisation’s events and wow the crowd with your moves.

3) Organise a photo-taking competition and get participants to submit photographs on any one of the ‘Live It Up Without Lighting Up’ messages. Participants should also come up with a short synopsis of how their photograph(s) is/are aligned with the key ‘Live It Up Without Lighting Up’ messages. Photographs can be displayed on Facebook or in a prominent spot in your school or organisation to rouse the interest of peers and passers-by.

4) Create exhibits out of ‘trash’ and include facts about how smoking harms the environment. Provide information on how growing tobacco, cigarette manufacturing and smoking contribute to environmental damage. Celebrate the fact that a non-smoking lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with being environmentally friendly. To make things even more exciting, throw in a jumble sale and have all the proceeds go to a charity of your choice (e.g. WWF, ECO Singapore, Singapore Environment Council etc).

5) If there are people in your life who are smokers (whether regular or occasional), encourage them to quit smoking. Smokers often need help and support when they embark on their quit smoking journey. Here are some tips to share with them:
• Suggest that they delay lighting up when the urge to smoke kicks in.
• Ask them to do something else and take their mind off smoking.
• Encourage them to drink lots of water and munch on healthy snacks like fruit or sugar-free mints.

As smoking is an addictive behaviour, it can take several attempts for smokers to quit the habit. Be there to encourage them to keep trying and never to give up. For more quit tips, visit
Show off your moves like Jagger to the awesome beats
at the Live It Up Global Movement launch party
on 21 March at @ SCAPE! Admission is free!



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