Interviews with SDD Vol.3 Finalist Dance Crew- Deep Ft.

Hi everyone, as you all know that the Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3 Finals will be held at Kallang Theatre on this Saturday (17 Mar 2012), 7pm, I'm truely delighted to be able to interview the SDD Vol.3, Top 20 Finalist Dance Crew, Deep Ft. before they actually go for their Finals!!!

Through this interview, we will not only get to know more about Deep Ft. and also find out what are their dreams and aspirations. What inspired them to dance. Hope you guys will enjoy reading it and do scroll down till the end to watch their dance performance video for SDD Vol.3 (Preliminaries).

1. Please introduce your group briefly and how many members in your group?
Deep ft is an all-female dance crew with 6 members formed 2 years ago

2. Why did your group choose this name?

We were initially known as Raw Street Code but decided to change to Deep Ft. with a bran new direction in the team . Deep Ft. means deep passion for what we love to do - dance ; and staying grounded to our own roots

3. How did you guys join together?

We came from different schools and dance clubs and came together to join the first volume of SDD .

4. Where do you all practice? All the groups practice together?

Usually at Scape or Republic polytechnic , and sometimes at studios like Recognize! & Studio Dance Meets who have always been great support to us

5. How old are the members in your group?

Melissa (24) , Jasmine & Arjuna (23) , Beverly & Lumlum (22) & Xiaomei (21)

6. Was there any event you guys performed together?

We have taken part most recently in All Babes Cineleisure Dance Competition late last year and clinched 2nd place

7. Tell me what inspire you guys?

Everything inspires us ! The feeling is ever changing , it could be our family , our life & our fellow dance friends like Flair brothers - they inspire us to be a stronger crew !

8. What are your dreams and aspirations?

To be able to dance together for as long ; keeping the crew together is most challenging but most rewarding too

9. What do you think is the most distinctive feature of your team?

Other than being an all-ladies crew , we are each individuals strong in other dance styles and we are not afraid to challenge ourselves to try out new styles/ideas . We especially want to be an inspiration to the ladies of Hiphop .

10. Anything you like to say to your supporters/ friends/ fans?
Thank you for all the words of encouragement , big or small , it means alot to us . To our other halfs (we are currently all attached!) , thank you for being with us throughout !


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Check out some of their photo here:

Check out their awesome performance during their SDD.Vol.3 Preliminaries!!!

*ps: The Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3 Finals will be held at Kallang Theatre on 17 Mar 2012, 7pm. Only one team will win the coveted chance to compete in Japan. Admission to the SDD Vol.3 is by ticket only. Tickets are on sale now at O SCHOOL @ $15/20 now!!!
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