Hunks & Babes at Tiger Beer's Live it Up Party at Wave House Sentosa!!!

Over 500 people revelled in a fun in the sun party experience
with Tiger Beer yesterday (24 Mar 2012) at Wavehouse Sentosa!!!
It was Tiger's second "Live It Up" party that day!!!! This event was organised by Tiger Beer as part of the brand's on-going campaign titled "Languages" and bought to life a beer experience to remember for more than 500 of it fans. Guests who are there not only get FREE FLOW of Tiger Beer and Tiger Beer Crystal from 3-5pm and also get to take part in a LUCKY DRAW to win Luxurious hotel stay, a tablet, Wavehouse Sentosa ride voucher and Tiger Beer. This invites were given from the contest on Tiger Beer's Facebook Page! Hurry "Like" and get updaed on future events!!!
Great Venue for party!!!
Just arrived at the event. An honour to take photo with pretty gals! From let: Sophia, Shaun, myself, Rongming and Emily
Thanks Benjamin for the invitation!

My VIP pass!!! This pass allowed me to have FREE FLOW of Tiger Beers till event end!!! COOL!!!
Very INNOVATIVE!!! Each of our tag was attached with a Bottle Opener for us to open our Tiger Beer!!!
It was a fun-filled party under the sun!

Guest are welcomed to jump into the pool at Wavehouse!

Everyone had a fun great time in the pool!

That's Shaun picking up a bottle of Tiger Crystal!

Who can resisit the temptation of drinking a bottle of  ICE COLD TIGER BEER!!!

Hunk & Babes relaxing by the pool with Tiger Beer!!!

Guest were welcomed into the pool for some games too!

It's a team effort game!!! =)

The battle of Rongming & Shaun!!!
The battle of William & Shaun!!! =p
It was quite fun playing it with friends! And in some rounds, Shaun actually lost his balance and fell off. Haha...

The guests also had a Limbo Dance Challenge in the pool!

Some guests just enjoyed siting back with their Tiger Beer!

Met Trina 2nd time of the day!!!

ME and my friends enjoyed ourselves with Tiger Beer & Tiger Beer Crystal!!!

Me & Tai Zheng chilling & relaxing one corner...
Music performances by the up-and-coming local band- 53A!!!

Live It Up with Tiger Beer!

The guest had many opportunities to take photo with the pretty Tiger Beer Girls!

Guests dancing to the music!

It was truly a moment to remember!!!

Tiger Beer's fan had FUN toasting Tiger Beer with each other!

The hunks and babes!!!

The Tiger Beer Girl!!!

Pretty pretty pretty...

There were so many Tiger Beer Girls at the event!
And more!

A photo with my Media Friends and Tiger Beer Girls!!!

Cheers all!

More photo with the girls!

Are you missing the fun with us? =)

Our bags...
It was really an AWESOME  day ending with a good sunset view!

Me & Rongming enjoying the sunset view and Tiger Beer!

Me & Shaun enjoying Tiger Beer...

Shaun enjoying his sunset view with Tiger Beer Crystal!!!
Sunset view

As the sun goes down, it feel great relaxing by the beach...

Thanks Tiger Beer for this great beach party!!! 
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