Guinness Live Round 43- JEREMY vs ALFRED.

Have you guys been following Guinness Live?
Yes Round 43 of Guinness Live was held at Shanghai Dolly!
We have 2 handsome contestants- Jeremy & Alfred on stage that day!!!

Team Shanghai Dolly- Jeremy had improved a lot on his singing this time! The judges were all very impressed with his singing!!! Good job Jeremy!!!

Team Firefly- Alfred with his smart dressing on stage.

The audience had a good time at Shanghai Dolly that night.

They were invloved in cheering (75%) for thier favorite singers! The one with the loudest cheer will get higher score!!! So who will win?

After the 3 VIP tables and Guest Judges gave their score, guess who was the winner that day?




We congrats to Alfred for winning that night!!!

Good job!!!

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