Guinness Live Round 54- JEREMY vs HOWIE

THE LAST ROUND of Guinness Live!!!
We had Jeremy and Howie just few days back on Thursday at Firefly.
I'm missing Guinness Live now!!! And I bet a lot of people felt the same too...

That round was special as we had Jeremy playing piano and singing to us. Impressive performance by him!!!

Cool hairstyle and I bet he took some time in dressing up for the show that night.

Good job bro!!!

Howie at the other side also did a big change!!!

From a rocker, he is now a man in black blazer singing "Heaven Knows"... It was a great singing and the judges loves his sentimental song singing a lot compared to his rocker style singing. I personally also prefer Howie singing slow and sentimental songs. Good job!!!

Many people turned up and showed support to their favourite singers on stage.

So who won that night?

Congrats to Howie for wining with a score of 93 points!!!

Although the result was announced that night, there was a special request to see Howie and Jeremy perform on stage for us. And so the 2 guys paired up and sang "記得" together. Great team up guys!!!

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