We have a CHAMPION for Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3 Finals!!!

WOW!!! Time passed really FAST!!!
It is already the 3rd year of Singapore Dance Delight!!!
(SCREAMMMM everyone!!!)

Looking back...
Still remember SDD Vol.1 was held at *Scape Warehouse and SDD Vol.2 was held at Wavehouse Sentosa.This youth street dance competition has been growing in POPULARITY and QUALITY since it inception in 2010. I'm really proud and happy to witness SDD Vol.1-3 and also get to know more about the Singapore street dance and how this dance competition had became Singapore edition of Asia's "fiercest" street dance competition, Dance Delight, Japan.

Thanks F&N for giving me this chance to be their Official Blogger again this year!!!
More than 1000 youths were at F&N Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3 this year.

This year F&N Singapore Dance Delight Finals was held at the refurbished Kallang Theatre. As you can see from the photo above, the number of people who attended Singapore Dance delight had increased tremendously this year. Even the upper deck of the Kallang Theatre were filled with people. Maybe one day we might need the Singapore Indoor Stadium to hold more people.

The 20 dance crews had a photo session at the F&N photo wall before making their way up the red carpeted staircase.

How can the BLOGGERS  missed out a group photo at the nice F&N photowall right?

From Left: Cheow Yi, Miyo, Jayley, myself,  Jesslyn & Shaun

The crowd started queuing to enter...

That's Shaun! Together we are the TEAM VIBRANT DUO!!!
Shaun is the Video Man and I'm the Photographer for that day. Read more here on our role for that day.

There's FREE FLOW of F&N Sparkling Drinks for EVERYONE!!!

This is a treat from F&N! This special installation called the F&N Groove Move which was set up at the event for the participant and the audience to show off their dance moves, "MATRIX" style! A series of cameras set in a semi circle will capture the dance moves and make it into a short video. 

This is damm cool la!!! 
I will and show be writing more and showing you the video on my next post.
Once again I'm here for another F&N Singapore Dance Delight!!!

That's where the MEDIA like us were seated.
But frankly speaking, Me and Shaun did not really sit there. For me because I find it too HARD to sit down and capture a nice photo, so throughout the whole show I was too busy going around capturing photo.
As for my partner- Shaun, he was at the other far end of the Theatre doing video recording for the whole competition too.

I love the stage this year! =)

Sheik Haikel was the HOST again this year!
I really love the way he made the crowd laughed like crazy!!!

Let me introduce the JUDGES that night!!!
Mitsuhiro Harada a.ka Machine. He is the creator of Dance Delight!!!

Ryan Tan, a familiar and respected name in the local dance community and the Creative Director of O School.

Jamel Brown aka Loose Joint, a hip-dancer from New york with 30 years on the dance scene.
He co-founded the Elite Force Crew who have worked with artistes like Mariah Carey, Will Smith and TLC.

Japan's well-known House Dancer, Tatsuo.
He was known for his ability to freely execute highly skilled steps and acrobatic movements that are characteristic of house dance.

Another Japan street dancer Yoshie.
She was known for her locking and funk routines and regularly collaborates with Tatsuo.

Alright it's time for me to show you who are the top 20 dance crews!!!

#1 - A- Team

#2 - Da' Street Soulz

#3 - Deep Ft.

#4 - Elecoldxhot

#5 - Emerged Crew

#6 - F4C All Starz

#7 - Fantastic Forze Crew

#8 - Flipendemic Kru

#9 - Freekzy Nutz

#10 - Harlequinn

#11 - Joyce & the Boys

#12 - KO-08


#14 - No Boys Allowed

#15 - Rough Addicts

#16 - Team Elite

#17 - The Zoo Thailand

#18 - Urban Myx

#19 - Urban Terrain Groovers

#20 - XTATIC

Time for the judge to crack their head and decide 
who to be the winners!

What are they laughing at?

The audience were all laughing at the FUNNY tweets flashed on the big tv screen above them.

Beatbox performance by Jacky and Bryan

This cute little girl ran up the stage after Sheik Haikel ask for volunteer to come up to the stage for a dance battle competition. She was really brave and danced with confidence. I'm sure she will grow up to be a good dancer too!
Sheik Haikel: Mummy can I hold her hand?

The 5 volunteers from the audience crowd came up the stage for a Dance Battle Competition.

Congrats to her and she walked away with a pair of  Steez Earphone.

Here is the RESULT for Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3!!!
The top 20 teams were judged on their techical abilities, showmanship, musicality, originality and professionalism.

Special Prize: Urban Myx

Special Prize: Joyce & the Boys

2nd Runner Up: A-Team
When the judge annouced them as the 2nd Runner Up, these guys came out jumping with excitement!

1st Runner Up: Elecoldxhot

Champion: Da' Street Soulz
Jeff from F&N presenting the prize to them.

The Champion holding their Trophy with excitement!!!

Congrats to Da' Street Soulz for also winining a chance to take part in Japan Dance Delight Vol.19.

Thanks all the 20 Finalist Teams for their wonderful performance!
Thanks F&N Sparkling Drink for presenting Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3 and also providing this platform for the young dancer to realise their dream, a chance to express themselves creatively through dancing, allowing them to like-minded peers and enjoy the thrill of stage performing for the audience. This competition had given them a chance to challenge themselves hard and to learn and improve their dance moves and skills by pitting themselves against some of the best dancers in the region. And of cause the winner get a chance to represent their countries in Japan Dance Delight Vol.19. Woohoo!!! 
After watching the SDD Vol.3, I felt that the bar had of cause been raised again this year. Simply amazed by the slick choreography, somersaults and their customised vibrant costumes this year. 
 Dancing is a hidden language of the soul and each movement u do is a word. You can dance to express different emotions like HAPPY, JOY, SAD, ENVY, SEXY... 
The excellent performances by the 20 Finalists that day had proved the old chinese saying: One minute on the stage and ten years of practice off the stage (台上一分钟,台下十年功), a vivid description of the dancer' hard-working spirit. There was another saying "Dance to express and not to impress". Through their 5 minutes routine on stage, I could feel the deep passion and professionism in their dancing. And as the music played, I feel like moving with them too despite having my camera with me below the stage. (Hahaha...)

Once again, F&N Sparkling Drinks had proven to bring out the "Youthful, Energentic, Fun-blasted, Cheerful' image of the brand. 

 Da' Street Soulz!!! 

Stay tuned to my next post which I will share the video of the top 20 Dance crews!!! =D

You may also visit www.fnn.com.sg or www.facebook.com/FnNFun for more info and updates of Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3 and the exciting activities/ promotions F&N Sparkling Drinks has planned to Spread the Cheer. 

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(Don't say I never tell you this GOOD LOBANG hor!!!)