Kiehls Clearly Corrective White- Remove your dark spots, brighten up your day!

Just recently I received this specially design invitation card! Yes I was invited to Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Blogger Party! It was in celebration of their launch of Dermatologist Solution Clearly Corrective White- a fast exceptionally effective 5 step range formulations power-packed with Activated C, the latest-generation Vitamin C derivative, developed for Asian customer to promote youthful clarity and a brighter, luminous appearance.

The anchor of this highly effective range is Kiehl's unique, entirely clear preparation Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, which is 100% active upon application to quickly begin attacking deep dark spots.

The event was held at The White Rabbit. It was a Gem of a venue located in lush Dempsey. It has a large indoor space with a chapel sense of architecture that creates a great presence. There was also a great outdoor space with lot of greenery. It was my 1st time to this place and I love it. Thanks Kiehl's for having the event at this place.

The event was nicely set up at the outdoor space with Mr Bone.

I was there with Jessie, Shuqing and many other blogger friends.

The Kiehl's Boys would like you to introduce this 5 easy steps to take care of your skin!!!

We were given an introduction of Kiehl's company background and also their latest products- Kiehl's Dermalogist Solutions Clearly Corrective White.

What is so special of this range of Kiehl's products?

This range of product is formulated with White Birch Peony Extracts, the result of this potent combination are clear, fast, correction year-round, for visibly more uniform skin tone and overall clarity.

Me, Shuqing and Jessie gave the product a test on our skin to feel the texture. The product is so light that it is absorbed into our skin very fast. I don't feel oily or tight over my skin. After applying it, I feel my skin more smooth.

The 4 HANDSOME KIEHL'S BOYS (Yuhao, James, Jeremy and Victor)was certainly the eye-candy for the girls who attended the event.

We had a little game with them too!!! The fatest one to remove all the dark spots on the boys will win!!! Congrats to Peggy who won in this game.

Here is the video taken while they are playing the game:

Claire and Joanne Marie Sim trying out the products.

Jessie and Shuqing listen attentively to Shiyan on the products.

The bloggers taking picture with Kiehl's Boy- James. What an honour for him to take picture with so many girls?

Yutakis and KK at the event too!!!

Popular blogger- Hayley, Jayley, Bui Bui taking picture with the Kiehl's Boys at the Kiehl's Photo Wall. Oh ya Bui Bui is actually the white puppy they brought along to the event.

The pretties & Bui Bui.

Before we ended, the bloggers and the Kiehl's staffs gathered at the wall for a group photo!!! Thanks Kiehl's for having this event!!!

How to get a complimentary samples of this product?

Step 1: Click 'Like' at Kiehl's Facebook Page here

Step 2: Click on the "Clearly Corrective" tab on the left of Kiehl's Facebook Page or simply click here. (Do tick my blog- at the form, thanks.)



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